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ReCoila's ability to capably manage time-sensitive, intense large-scale international projects has been a key element of our successful expansion into the growing Asian energy market, in this case to Malaysian powerhouse KPOC. ReCoila’s ability to refine engineering and build to complex specifications landed the company a contract to design and manufacture a twin bunkering station for the KBB Northern Hub project. The bunkering station enables safe, effective management of hoses for diesel refuelling and potable water distribution on offshore platforms in Sabah. One side of the twin reeling station provides potable drinking water while the other transfers diesel for refuelling…

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  • Industry Oil and Gas
  • Location Malaysia
  • Challenges Corrosion, Extreme Loads, Internationally Managed Project, Retrofitting into existing situation
  • Solution 2 x Custom designed twin bunkering stations
Building custom made hose reels is something we do every day, and every project is unique. Usually the application and the story behind the build makes for interesting reading – and this particular project sees our reels adorning a landmark marine facility in Sydney Harbour, providing fuel to everyone from weekend fishermen to commercial ferries.   ReCoila was approached by Bailey’s Marine Fuels to build a series of hose reels for a new world-class marine supply facility in White Bay, near Balmain. Here’s a rundown of this unique project and how we were able to help.   Baileys Marine Fuels…

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  • Industry Marine
  • Location Sydney
  • Challenges Corrosion, Fuel flow speed, Environmental impact
  • Solution 5 x RF Series reels + 2 x C Series reels
Ocean Trenching Technologies is an Australian company providing installation and trenching of submarine and umbilical cables. Ocean Trenching operates crawler class ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) as part of its specialist marine services, each capable of 3.3m cable burial by either chain cutting, jetting or rock saw attachment.   Ocean Trenching recently contracted ReCoila to design, manufacture and deliver two unique hose reels that are hot-dip galvanised to ensure longevity in a marine environment. One of the reels is being put to use as a water hose storage reel, the other as a hydraulic hose umbilical reel that runs up to…

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  • Industry Subsea trenching
  • Location Sydney
  • Challenges Corrosion, Extensive cyclic use, Size
  • Solution Unique custom designed reels
On the 18th October, a long-haul B-double freighter travelling to Fremantle caught fire. Thankfully, the driver escaped unharmed, and for the most part, so did the two hose reels on board that were destined for one of our clients at the Port of Broome. The entire truck was engulfed in flames and although the two reels were deemed unsalvageable, they stood firm, a testament to ReCoila’s rigid design and our engineering team’s quality craftsmanship.   The reels were custom designed and manufactured at our Sydney facility for a unique offshore fuelling application. To effectively dispense the large volumes of fuel…

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  • Industry Marine
  • Location Broome
  • Challenges Corrosion, Fuel flow speed, Tidal fluctuations
  • Solution 2 x RF Series reels
Australian reel designer and manufacturer ReCoila attributes its outstanding engineering skills as one of the major reasons it was headhunted to find a solution for a major global exploration company in the offshore energy sector. With rugged, unpredictable working conditions and corrosive operating environments amongst the deepest challenges in this sector, ReCoila, along with other subcontractors, came on board to provide specialised input.   As ReCoila carries more than 30 years proven experience supplying to all major Australian industries as well as export markets, it was seen as the right solution for a very difficult challenge, says Managing Director, Mr…

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  • Industry Offshore gas
  • Location Offshore WA
  • Challenges Corrosion, Size, Safety features, Client testing requirements
  • Solution Unique custom designed reel

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