Made to measure: hose reels for your unique job

28, September 2012
With over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing hose reels and cable reels, ReCoila is well placed to offer custom a design and manufacturing facility for all types of applications.

Can we build it? Yes we can.
We build reels from polypropylene, steel, stainless steel and aluminium to suit all types of industries – mining, offshore oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, food processing, firefighting, pressure washing, electrical, manufacturing, industrial and more.
If you need a hose reel and those in our standard range don’t fit the bill, we can build one from scratch to suit your unique application.

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How to work out what you need
So you know you need a hose reel. Before you get in contact with us, think about exactly what you want your reel to do. Sounds obvious, but there is a swag of options to choose from and our recommendations are guided by what you tell us, so the more information you can provide, the better.
This becomes more apparent if you’re contacting us on behalf of  the engineer at your company who doesn’t like calling suppliers. “Call these guys and get some prices,” he says. But try and press him (or her) for specifics first – at a minimum, we’ll need the hose size, pressures, temperatures, bend radius of the hose (your hose supplier can provide this information), what the reel will be made from, the rewind method, and what will be flowing through the reel.
It also helps to ask where the hose reel will be positioned, who will be operating it, and what kind of hose will be put on the reel. (Whilst we usually quote custom reels without hose, the type and size of hose used will ultimately affect how we build the reel, so we need this info too).
To avoid any headaches down the track, take the time to confirm these specs, then later on, carefully review your quotation and the drawings and other information we provide to you. Alterations and fixes are easy on paper; not so easy in steel.

Contact us for a quote
To quote accurately, we do need quite a bit of info from you. The specs detailed above sound like a lot – but it enables us to recommend the best reel for your unique application.
To get the ball rolling, you can complete the detailed online quote request form (with help text to guide you through) and one of our technical sales staff will be in contact within a day or so.

Last modified on 18, November 2014

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