Poorly managed hoses and cables are a prime suspect when it comes to tripping hazards. Some of the most common causes of industrial injury are muscular stress (due to manual handling or repetitive movement) followed by falls, trips and slips.

Factories and workplaces use hoses and cables for all manner of applications, each one carrying potential safety hazards and risks such as:

  • Trips and falls due to stray hoses and cables
  • Ergonomic injury if heavy, awkward hoses need to be moved.
  • Leakage and consequently wet areas
  • Chemical injuries if chemicals are run through damaged hoses

Plus, hoses themselves when left on the floor can be weakened by environmental contaminants, cleaning chemicals, being run over by work vehicles, or being bent or coiled tighter than the hoses natural bend radius, and will ultimately fail as the structure of the hose is weakened.


ReCoila can offer a high quality hose and cable management solution that can reduce the risk of trips and falls and improve the safety record in your workplace.

Aside from making your workplace safer, the use of ReCoila hose reels will increase productivity through providing operators a more effective means of handling hoses, cords and cables in their workplace environment. Reduction in downtime and lower maintenance costs are an additional benefit of efficient hose management.


ReCoila manufactures a reel specifically for cordoning off dangerous equipment and off-limits areas. Our barrier reels, available with yellow chain or orange webbing, are ideal for demarcating no-go areas and limiting access through roller doors and open work areas.


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